Rainy Day Essentials

No matter the season, on a rainy day all I want to do is cuddle under my blankets and relax! With tropical storm Arthur hitting the east coast this weekend (and on America’s birthday? HOW RUDE, ARTHUR) I thought I would share all of my rainy day essentials with you!

rainy day essentials

It is all pretty self explanatory! Rain boots are essential to keep my feet dry. Although it’s hot out, I’d rather have dry feet! A comfy sweatshirt is A MUST. What else would I wear? Netflix is the best thing ever created and is probably my main essential on an every day basis if we are being honest. If you know me, you know that chocolate covered pretzels are my addiction, my life, my one true love. I love eating them on rainy days because honestly I probably wont want to face the rain and go to the gym. Candles set the mood for a cozy day and my absolute favorite at the moment is Tiki Beach (which can be purchased at Bath and Body Works). I’m so obsessed with this scent! It is the candle I’m burning currently and also the scent in my wall flower! And last but not least, a nice blanket! The one pictured is from Target and it is so comfortable!

What are your rainy day essentials?
What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

xo, K

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