Currently {July}

Anticipating// Moving back to school. Summer sucks and I’m in desperate need of a schedule again 
Feeling// Anxious but unsure why

Enjoying// Filling out my new planner with actual plans! 

Making// Nothing! But this just reminded me that I forgot to take my allergy medicine so water in .1 second!

Planning// On seeing Paper Towns at some point in the next week! I’m so excited for some Nat Wolff 🙂  

Reminiscing// On the days when there were still Harry Potter movies being made. I’m currently re-reading Chamber of Secrets and it really makes me miss it!

Buying// School supplies! I know it’s only July but I really cannot wait to go back to school! Remind me I said that during midterms and finals 😉 

Watching// My guilty pleasure: Dance Moms.

Loving// My dogs! I’m so obsessed with them.   

Hoping// To read two more books before July ends! I’ve surpassed my goal of 4! 

Hating// How itchy my nose is at the moment! It feels like it’s broken!

Working on// Figuring out my future.

Wishing// My anxiety would just chill for a bit.

Wanting// To buy this beautiful Essie nail polish! Picture from the Instagram account Essiefan  

Needing// To buy hazelnut coffee creamer. I’m out and it’s driving me crazy!

Doing// A lot of research on master’s programs. 

Obsessing// Over the movie Trainwreck! I want to see it again, it was THAT good! 

Accessorizing// My infinity ring only leaves my finger when I’m sleeping. I wear it all of the time!

Do you miss the Harry Potter days?What is something you’re hoping to do in the next month?


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