6 Instagram Accounts you HAVE to Follow!

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing beautiful pictures. Not only does it help pass the time but it always seems to spark some inspiration in me! Here are some Instagram accounts that inspire me every day! Go check them out and give them all a follow! I promise you won’t regret it 🙂 

1. Aspynovard 

Aspyn’s account is actual Instagram GOALS. Her pictures are always flawless and her asthetic is perfect. I love seeing pictures of her and her boyfriend Parker!   
2. JLGarvin

If Aspyn is Instagram goals, Jessica Garvin is Instagram MOM goals! Her pictures are always so adorable, especially the ones of her three gorgeous baby girls!  I’m obsessed!  

For all of you Erin Condren Planner fans, this is the account for you. Elle Fowler always has perfect spreads for her weekly/monthly planner pages! Although I don’t currently have an Erin Condron, I find inspiration from her account to help me decorate my current planner.  
4. Essiefan

As a self-proclaimed nail polish addict, I love looking at Essiefan’s pictures. It’s my favorite nail polish brand and I love looking at the vibrant nail colors paired with real life scenes!  
5.  Berriesinmysmoothie

The vibrant colors of this account are perfect for some summertime inspiration! Also, it’s all healthy, yummy food pictures! Everyone loves pictures of food! Try and look at this and think, wow that food looks gross. You can’t!   
6. Katiedidwhat_TIU

Katie is one of my all time favorite bloggers! I’m obsessed with her fashion sense and her family! This is her second account and it aims towards health/fitness! I love seeing her pictures! They inspire me to work out and to be healthy! And I love seeing pictures of her baby too 🙂 

(if you want to follow my Instagram you can click here! Warning: my “theme” is all over the place and I’m trying to find my own style. Sorry for the ugliness!) 

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?

Do you believe in asthetics or is Instagram a free-for-all for you?



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