September Goals

Sorry this wasn’t up on September 1st, but better late than never right?! I’m not even going to recap my August goals because none were accomplished. August was a rough month for me. On to better things!

  1. Create a semester syllabus
    I’ve done this the past two semesters and let me tell you, it is a LIFE SAVER! I got the idea here and it is one of the main reasons I stay so organized with my school work!
  2. Read two books
    I want to get in two books this month! I love to read and I never allow myself to read for pleasure during the school year. This needs to change because it helps me relax and destress!
  3. Finish Grace and Frankie
    I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want it to end but I must know what happens.
  4. Visit another museum
    I love visiting historic museums so this is a must!
  5. Take pictures of Boston
    I need to learn my camera better so a walk around the beautiful city with my camera sounds like a plan!
  6. Bed by 10 on school nights
    This is technically only Monday and Wednesday for me BUT I am aiming for all weekdays!
  7. Do not by clothes
    I have enough and bought some things in August for fall so I will not by anything else this month!

Let me know your September goals in the comments!



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  1. Hi! I am a new follower! I write goals every month as well! Here’s to a great September!

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