2015 in Review

So it’s New Years Eve and I’m pretty excited to start 2016 off on the right foot! 2015 was not the best year for me. I struggled a lot with my anxiety, my dad was in and out of the hospital for a few months and it was just a rough year for me. But through all of the bad there was also some good thrown in! I decided not to focus on all of the negative from this past year and remember all of the good times I had! So let’s review my year by month!

I started January off with short hair! The shortest it’s ever been and it was weird but I liked it! 

And I spent a bunch of time with my family before heading back to school! 

Boston also started having snow storm after snow storm and we had snow days for dayssss!  

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Theta Phi did some recruiting and we had our bid day! Candy Land theme and we gained a bunch of awesome new members!

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School was in full force and I remember having so much homework during the month of March.

We went on our sisterhood retreat and I also turned into Dwight Schrute 

I also signed the lease to my first apartment with my two best friends! I can’t believe we already have been living there for four months!

Also, still lots of snow.


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In April came Easter and my little Jenny joined us!


My two twin cousins visited from Italy and it was so great spending time with them. I miss them so much and hope they come back soon!

I also participated in Relay for Life with my sisters and it was such a rewarding experience

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May ended spring semester and I moved back home for the summer.

I bought the new Harry Potter box set when I finished school. Kind of a reward for a great semester and kind of just because I needed it! 

I attended the Ed Sheeran concert at Mohegan Sun and he was incredible of course. I may have cried multiple times. 

The next week I “ran” a 5K with my friends for Diabetes! I beat my time from last year by like 4 minutes so that was an accomplishment! My friend Ryan then had us all over his house for a BBQ. 

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I turned 21! My mom threw me a family surprise party and that’s how I celebrated. I did take a shot at 10 in the morning if that counts as wild though?

do you like pina coladas?

I like how you can see my hair get a bit longer each month, phew!

I was able to participate in Seaside Productions road show this year and it was the best! I hadnt done a show since my freshman year so it was so special for me!

Annnnd at the end of June I became a mom! To my little 2 month old shih tzu Toby!


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I was invited to my friend Alex’s lake house and went there for a night! I left with the memory of the tastiest sangria and the worst sunburn of my life. (Even worse than the time I had sun poisoning) I couldn’t even sit for days 🙂 

I also spent a lot of time cuddling these two boys and reading Harry Potter by the pool 

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August was spent prepping for bts and the big apartment move! I packed a lot, cried a lot, and packed some more. I just hung out with my fam and pups a lot


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I moved into my apartment!! It was so weird being an actual adult and doing apartment things. I love it though!

I also had the opportunity to see Ed Sheeran live again at Gillette Stadium (for free) HE WAS AMAZING! 

TPA recruited again  and we gained some absolutely amazing new members! 


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I always love October. It’s finally autumn and I’m always happy!

My sisters and I participated in the breast cancer walk. It’s always so great do philanthropy.

I lightened my hair  

I wore a towel to a party… 

And dressed as a coven witch and Santa for Halloween  

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Reuniting with friends, painting wine glasses, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, oh my!    


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And finally December! I attended formal and I loved getting ready for it. My dress was perfect and so was my hair and makeup!  

Finals may have killed me but its okay because I celebrated by dressing up as Elsa and attending an ugly sweater party (my fave kind of party)11 22 1638_10208083028463075_6970822882425650189_n

Christmas came and went, sadly, and I really miss it! It was Toby’s first christmas and I had the best christmas eve that I’ve had in a really long time!

img_2315 img_2316 img_2310 img_2261 img_2207 img_2265 img_2272

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Make sure to check out some of the posts linked above! Thanks for spending 2015 with me on here and I look forward to 2016 on TRLT too! I’ll be back either tomorrow or the 2nd to share my resolutions with you all! Have a fantastic last day of the year! Be safe, be smart and have fun!



8 Replies to “2015 in Review”

  1. Aw you had an awesome year! I love Harry Potter and yes it is exciting being an adult, getting your first place (congrats!). Oh yea, your hair is beautiful! Stuff like this makes me miss college!! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ll miss college so much once I graduate! happy 2016!!

  2. You’ve certainly had a busy year! 😊 Happy 2016 !

    1. Sooooo so busy! I only imagine 2016 to be even busier! Happy new year!

  3. What a fun idea to do a year in review! Happy 2016!

    1. Thank you! Have a wonderful 2016!

  4. This such an awesome way to remember the year!! Pictures speak a 1000 words 🙂 Happy almost 2016!!

    1. Thank you! It reminded me of all the good! Happy new year 🙂

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