Boston's Historic Houses: The Omni Parker House

Hi hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you’re as excited about today’s post as I am! If you want to read more about the basis of the Boston’s Historic Houses series check out this post where I give a bit more background information!

Two weeks ago my class took a visit to The Omni Parker House. Now, I know what you’re thinking… It’s not a house it’s a hotel! Well, my friends, that’s where you’re wrong! Because many people have actually lived in the Omni Parker House it can be considered a historic house! And let me tell you, there is SOOOO much history to this place! 

The Parker House opened in 1855 after Harvey Parker bought a small mansion on the corner of Tremont St and School St in downtown Boston. He then created the oldest hotel and longest running hotel in the United States! 

In the 1920’s the original building (except for 80 rooms in the annex of the hotel) was torn down and replaced with the building we see today! The modern building kept its Victorian interior  designs that were known and loved by many. 


There are so many interesting tidbits about the hotel and I encourage you to read Heaven, By Hotel Standards by in-house historian Susan Wilson to learn some more! (Fun fact: I’m working with her to create a documentary about the workers of the hotel with another student and documentarian Michael Bavaro!)

The history of the hotel goes so far back and so in depth it would take me hours to tell you all about it! So for today, you’ll just be reading some interesting facts!

 First, in the basement of the hotel they are putting together a historical gallery! They have a few things down there right now and plan to expand it!  
In the gallery they have the original door of the room that Charles Dickens had stayed in for a few months while in Boston!  

Here is the actual mirror Charles Dickens had used to practice his performances of A Christmas Carol 

Here are some more Gallery pictures:   


This crazy looking contraption is what cuts the Parker House Rolls into their shape. And you best believe I ate a few (like 7 ok) while there!



its literally just bread but better because there is history to it

Emeril (the BAM chef) worked in the kitchen before his big break. Also, Ho Chi Minh was a baker at the Omni for a while! Here is the table he used to bake!  

Oh, and have you ever heard of a fellow named Malcolm X? Well, he was a waiter there as well! 

And as for hotel hauntings? Be sure to check back in a few weeks. I’ll be interviewing a few members of the staff and I’ll definitely be asking them about it! But for now, a few things to hold you over include the haunted elevator that goes to the third floor without being called to it! The ghost of Mr. Harvey Parker is said to roam the halls with Charles Dickens! 


Parkers Restaurant is the location of JFK’s proposal to Jackie! They sat at the corner table (Table 40) that night and President Kennedy had his bachelor party at the hotel as well!  

Anything else you want to know about the hotel? Leave questions in the comment section and I’ll be sure to ask! Here are a few more pictures!



The VIP treatment
The seating arrangement of The Saturday Club
The Ballroom

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