Love List {7}

Happy Saturday! I’m back with another love list to share things I’ve been obsessing over this week! Make sure to leave some of your weekly obsessions in the comments! Okay, let’s get started!

1. Pinterest

  • I love Pinterest but recently I’ve been using it non-stop! I’m obsessed with planning my life and Pinterest in the perfect place for that! Plus, I love how inspiring it is to me!

2. One Direction pretty much ending

  • Okay so this is not something I love but something I hate. The only upside to this is that *hopefully* Niall will get his own deal and will make beautiful music for me again soon! Fingers crossed! 

3.  Into You by Ariana Grande

  • Okay seriously I’m obsessed with this song! If you haven’t listened to it yet then you must be under a rock idk. 

4. And this quote:

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