Hair, Skin & Nails: Month One


After cutting my hair back in May, I really enjoyed the cut at first. However, after a few weeks I realized I really missed my long hair and would do whatever I could to grow it out. So, I decided not to put heat on my hair this whole summer and start taking biotin so it would hopefully grow come September.

I headed out to Target one day and saw the Nature’s Bounty brand of Hair, Skin and Nails gummies and decided this would be the one I would try out.

From their website: Nature’s Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies provides you with the vital nutrients your body needs to support your natural beauty from within.* Vitamin E and Vitamin C are antioxidants. Vitamin E contributes to skin health, and Vitamin C is involved in collagen production and formation, which forms the basis for vibrant skin.* Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair.*

I picked up the strawberry flavored gummies (I think that was the only flavor available) and started taking it. I’m not usually a huge fan of artificial strawberry but these are actually really delicious! The bottle comes with 120 gummies and you are supposed to take two a day, so it ends up being a sixty day supply.

One Month In:
Today is the one month mark for taking Biotin. I’ve been keeping track of taking it with an app called Habits (I will be talking about this in another blog post soon, so stay tuned!). It hasn’t been hard remembering to take it because I take other medicines every night so I take them together!

Here is a look at my hair progress so far.

This is the first day vs two days ago after I showered and brushed my hair *both times*

And these two pictures were taken in between the first two

Things I’ve Noticed: Hair
Wanting long and healthy hair is the reason I started taking this. I’ve always had very healthy hair that grows pretty long, but I was impatient and wanted to kick it up a notch.

I haven’t really noticed a difference in the hair on my head if I’m being honest. The only thing I’ve noticed is that my short layers framing my face have grown a bit longer. I think overall it has grown a bit but I had the idea that my hair would be down to my butt which is obviously unrealistic. Granted, I’ve only been doing this for a month so maybe at the end of the 60 days I’ll notice a dramatic difference.

What I have noticed is that it makes all of the hair on my body grow faster. I usually only have to shave my legs every 4-5 days if I want smooth legs #blondehairperks but now, I can barely go 2 days without having to shave again. Which is so annoying! My eyebrows are crazy looking, too!

Things I’ve Noticed: Skin
I’ve noticed nothing with my skin. I actually think I’ve been breaking out, especially around my mouth, more once I started. But, this could also be due to many different elements i.e. stress, changing my face wash, eating crappy food, etc.

Things I’ve Noticed: Nails
So back in the end of June I did a dumb thing and ripped all of my acrylics off of my nails, causing a nail disaster that I don’t think one month of this can fix just yet. However, I have noticed a growth in my toe nails, which usually don’t grow very long. But it’s not like a huge difference, just a little bit that I’ve noticed.

So, with 30 more days of this, I’m hoping to notice a bigger difference than I have these first 30 days. And if I do, I will definitely continue to take this.

Have you ever taken Hair, Skin & Nails or Biotin? What was your experience with it?



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