50 Ideas for your Blank Notebook


Blank Notebooks are like the New Year or September 1st, they’re a fresh start. I love having a notebook dedicated solely to lists, ideas, goals, habits, etc that I can refer to whenever I need to write something down. Here is a list of 50 ideas for your blank notebook!

1. A list of lists
2. books to read
3. books read
4. book reviews
5. authors you love
6. places you’ve visited
7. places to visit
8. bucket list
9. seasonal bucket lists
10. gift ideas
11. blog post ideas
12. blogs you love
13. recipes you love
14. recipes to try
15. things to buy
16. favorite beauty products
17. Weekly grocery lists
18. to do lists
19. Important Semester Dates
20. Date Ideas you want to try
21. Quotes you love
22. Passwords/Login information
23. Journals
24. daily gratitudes
25. tracking your budgets
26. songs you love
27. songs to add to your playlists
28. Projects to complete
29. Tv shows you love
30. Movies to watch
31. movie reviews
32. documentaries to watch
33. Brain dumps
34. monthly goals
35. fitness goals
36. monthly expenses
37. List of your favorite things
38. Disney movies to collect
39. Disney rides you’ve been on
40. Planner Spread Ideas
41. Wish List
42. Restaurants you want to try
43. Weekly Schedule
44. Habit Trackers
45. Monthly Schedule
46. Daily Schedule
47. Semester Syllabus
48. Bullet journal
49. “3 Things you Learned Today”
50. Christmas List



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