My Last First Day of Undergrad


Wow. I’m feeling mixed emotions right now. I’m sad because tomorrow is my last first day of undergrad. I start my spring semester on Tuesday and then in May I graduate. It feels weird and scary and unknown and I hate the unknown.

I started college 5 years ago and that baffles my mind. It feels like just yesterday when I moved into my freshman dorm or joined Theta Phi Alpha or met my best friends. Its crazy that it didn’t happen just yesterday. It is hard to process.

I’m a little excited because people will finally stop making comments about my five years of college. I hate having to tell people that I chose to do this because I switched my major a few times. I hate that people don’t think I’m smart enough to finish on time. In fact, If I stuck to being a history major freshman year, I would have graduated a year early.

Without this 5th year I wouldn’t have had the many opportunities I’ve had recently. Being secretary of my sorority for a year, working with the Omni Parker House, living with my best friends for an extra year, taking classes I truly love, and many more.

This 5th year means a lot to me. I’ll cherish it forever.

I know I wasn’t ready to graduate last year, and I’m not 100% sure I’ll be ready this year. But, I’ll be getting that diploma with most of my best friends (sorry Katie & Gina you’ll still be here for a year without me :/) and I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life, which is supposed to be exciting.

So, I’ve decided to record moments of my daily life this semester. The good, the fun, the bad, the studying. All of it. I want to look back on this special semester in a few years and remember all of the incredible memories I will be making with my friends and family. I want others to see the daily life of a college girl who is about to go into the real world. I’ll still be blogging regularly! I like my social media wayyyy to much to give any of it up!

If you want follow along, you can check out my Youtube channel here! It’ll be weird at first, but I know in the long run it will be worth it.

So, I have my last first day of undergrad tomorrow. I’m ready.



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