Currently {February}

Anticipating// Spring Break! I’m just so over school right now! I’m not doing anything fun for spring break, I’m actually getting surgery but at least I’ll have a week off from homework!

Feeling// Tired, but I’m trying to fix my sleep schedule so no nap for me today!

Enjoying//!! I finally took the plunge and got a self-hosting site and I’m LOVING it. I can’t even believe I went this long just using regular wordpress. I’m still learning a lot and researching, but it’s been fun!

Making// A meal plan for up until Spring Break. I’ve been feeling awful lately ever since getting sick with the flu and I just need to treat my body better.

Planning// My homework for the next few weeks. I need to be ahead so I can make sure I don’t have to do anything during Spring Break.

Buying// Nothing because i’m POOR.

Watching// Vlogmas videos! I had a really awful/busy December and I didn’t get to watch as many as I wanted to. So, I’ve been watching them now!

Loving// Special K. It is literally all i’ve been wanting to eat for the past two weeks.

Hoping// To use a face mask tonight. I can feel my skin freaking out so I need to take care of it ASAP.

Hating// That my apartment doesn’t get HGTV because I’ve been obsessed with watching it lately.

Working on// Outlining my final projects for all of my classes so I can be prepared when the time comes to start working on them.



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  1. Special K is addicting! Have you tried the vanilla almond flavor? I wrote a “currently” post today as well…great minds think alike! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    1. yes!! Special K is the best! I’ve never had that flavor but it sounds delicious so I might have to go get some!

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