5 on Friday

One. DivideĀ | HOLY SHIT you guys!! Divide came out at midnight and I did not sleep because I listened to it like 5 times through. I AM OBSESSED. A full review/my thoughts will be posted on Monday. But for now, I cannot stop listening to it. Perfect is my favorite with Dive, Castle on the Hill and Eraser following close behind. I am so happy we finally have a whole album and you can bet I’ll be listening to it forever. So incredible, Ed. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!


Two. Lent | This year I’m giving up the usual: my three favorite things, ginger ale (all soda in general but I only drink ginger ale), cape cod chips, and chocolate chip cookies. I can’t even remember the last time I had a cookie, but it’s all i’ve been craving since I decided to give it up. I guess that’s how it goes, right?

Three. America’s First Daughter | I finally finished this novel by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie and I really enjoyed it. It is about the oldest daughter of Thomas Jefferson and even though it’s historic fiction it has a lot of history throughout it. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jefferson (I’m a Hamilton girl) but this made me feel for him a bit.

Four. Ether Dome | The Ether Dome at Mass General Hospital was the room where the first public display of anesthesia was demonstrated, and it worked. I got to tour it with a class on Tuesday and it was really cool. They have a mummy displayed in the room and of course I was obsessing over that. It’s just funny that the day before I had a panic attack about having anesthesia and then the next day I was sitting in that room. Go to the museum at the hospital, it is really cool!

Five. They’re Real | The best mascara in the whole is They’re Real by Benefit. It has been my favorite for years and I always go back and repurchase it. I just love the way my eyelashes look while wearing it. If you’re still searching for the perfect mascara, give this one a try! It really is incredible and keeps my lashes curled and pretty throughout the whole day!

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