September Goals

Happy September 1st! Can you believe the best months of the year are upon us?! I’m so looking forward to the ‘ber’ months and autumn and winter! I love this time of year and feel so motivated to get my life together in September, so some of my goals will definitely reflect that! Let’s get started!

  1. Get ahead on my grad school work
  2. Organize my desk drawer
  3. Create an Autumn Bucket List
  4. Paint my bedroom
  5. Sign up for the gym (and actually go)
  6. Read three books
  7. Interact more on twitter and instagram
  8. Decorate for Autumn

That’s it for September! What are some goals you are looking to accomplish this month?



2 Replies to “September Goals”

  1. I love the idea of an autumn bucket list! I’m definitely adding that to my September goals. Some of mine include planking daily, start tracking my water intake and read four books for pleasure, not school!
    xx Jocelyn //

    1. Ooooo I should definitely track my water, I’ve been so bad about it lately! xo

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