Currently {November}

Anticipating// Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to eat yummy food and spend the day with my family! And it’s the start of the holidays!!

Feeling// Thirsty!

Enjoying// My holiday decorations. I already decorated my room with my Christmas decorations and it is making me sooooo happy!

Making// Lists on lists on lists! I have so much to do this month and I can’t wrap my head around it unless I make lists!

Planning// My homework for the next few weeks. I have so many assignments and I want to have as little stress as possible!

Buying// Christmas gifts 🙂

Watching// The Thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS. I do this every year right before Thanksgiving and I love them so much.

Loving// My Erin Condren planner! I love decorating it and using pretty stickers!

Hoping// To finish all of my homework for this week by tonight! Fingers crossed!

Hating// That school starts back up this week. I don’t want to do homework during the holidays but unfortunately I must.

Working on// Blogmas posts…….. 🙂




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