Currently {December}

Anticipating// Christmas Eve, even though I don’t want it to be here because I don’t want the holiday season to end!

Enjoying// The Office!! I’m rewatching it (again) and it truly is one of the best shows ever! I’m on season 8 and I literally can’t stop watching. I have been staying up late every night just to fit in a few more episodes! And The Office always makes me really emotional so I’m feeling all kinds of feels but I love it!

Making// Sure all of my school work is done before Christmas Eve so I can have the week of Christmas off!

Planning// Blog posts for the new year…… 🙂

Buying// Christmas gifts 🙂 (same answer as November) But loving it!

Watching// The Office ^^ and also ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES AND SPECIALS! My heart is so full!

Loving// Turkey wraps. I eat them so often and I really don’t get sick of them!

Hoping// To fall asleep earlier tonight than I have been the past few nights.

Hating// The pain I have in my back from sitting at my desk all day while doing homework. It’s throbbing today 🙁

Working on// Readings for class!




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