Currently {June 2019}

I haven’t done a “Currently” post since February 2018, which seems weird because I used to do them all the time! I love reading posts like this because it really helps you to get to know the blogger behind the blog! So, I’ve decided to start doing them again! I think they’re a fun and quick read and I hope you think so too! Let’s get started!


Anticipating// The grand opening of my new job! I just finished my first week of training today and I’m really excited!

Enjoying// The cooler weather before the start of the summer. It was hot every single day in Florida so now I’m enjoying a nice 70 degree day!

Making// A meal plan for next week!

Planning// My summer content calendar! I’ve been taking polls and asking for post suggestions over on my Instagram, so if you want to make some suggestions, head on over there!

Buying// Not much because I’m trying to save money! I am getting my legs waxed tomorrow though, does that count?

Watching// I just watched the new Jonas Brothers documentary on Amazon Prime earlier today and it was SO good. I’ve been a Jonas Brothers fan since the beginning (like extremely obsessive, posters everywhere, literally thinking I would marry Joe obsessed). Seeing them grow into such wonderful men and working through all of the ups and downs was amazing to watch. I feel like such a proud mom, I love them!

Loving// Crime Junkie Podcast! It’s so good and basically all I listen to every night before I fall asleep!

Hoping// To get back to eating better. These past few weeks have been a little off but after my birthday this weekend, I’m getting back on track!

Hating// Nothing! I’m feeling pretty good this month 🙂


Thanks for reading, friends! Make sure to answer some of these in the comments so we can get to know each other a little better!



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