February Goals

Happy February! Anyone else feel like January was the LONGEST MONTH EVER? It feels like it’s been 74 days since the New Year started and I’m looking forward to a new month. February is going to be a pretty busy month for me but I’m excited for all of the fun events I have coming up!

We have the Superbowl, my step-dad’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, a few Galentine’s day parties, Valentine’s Day, and a couple of fun projects I’m working on!

So, let’s start the month off right and talk about my February goals!

  1. Go to the gym 2x a week || Trying to get into a gym routine
  2. Read 5 books || Accomplished this in January so hopefully I can do the same
  3. Try a new workout class || I really want to switch it up and take a class
  4. Meal plan every week || I just feel better when I stick to one
  5. NO FAST FOOD (except the occasional Chipotle) || I eat McDonalds wayyyy to much and it needs to stop
  6. Practice self-love || What better way to celebrate the month of love?
  7. No napping during the work week || I need to stop relying on naps to get me through the day
  8. Find a therapist || It’s needed and honestly just so beneficial

Those are my goals for the month!

What are your February goals?



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