July Goals

July is here and it feels so weird to say that! I did okay with my June goals but I was able to cut back on Diet Coke a TON which is huge for me. So, I’m pretty proud of myself!! I’m excited for July even though it’s going to be a pretty stressful and work-packed month. I start work back up again and my grad school classes started at the end of June so it’s going to be crazy while I try to accomplish all of that + working out, eating healthy, working on my social media content and just wanting to do things I actually want to dofor fun! It’ll be hectic but I’m looking forward to feeling accomplish throughout the month!

So let’s talk about July goals! I will say that a lot have to do with history because I associate the month of July with American history. I was a history major in undergrad and I still love to continue to learn about it. So I want to dedicate this month to lots of learning!

  1. Listen to at least one podcast about American History every day
  2. Go to one historic site (only if I am able to social distance while there)
  3. Read three books about history or a historic figure
  4. Keep up with and complete my content calendar for the month
  5. Ride my peloton at least 20 times
  6. Participate in No Buy July (only able to buy necessities)
  7. Track my WW points every day, even if I go over
  8. Stay ahead on school work
  9. Try and enjoy myself at least once a week

Anyone else feel like July is going to be a crazy month? Let me know what your goals are!



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