Why you NEED to be wearing SPF 365 Days A Year!!

SPF is so necessary in every single person’s skincare routine and I cannot stress that enough. However, many people are still not including it in their skincare routines every day. I know I wasn’t up until this year. The sun, however great it feels, can be super damaging to your skin and it is so important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays that are around 365 days a year.

The thought of sitting in the sun every day without sunscreen on my body makes me cringe. Your skin is literally frying and it freaks me out. I can’t even imagine the amount of damage happening.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 80% of UV rays can harm your skin even on cloudy days. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. We want to keep our skin as healthy as possible, so sunscreen should be your number one skincare product that you use every day!

So, here are some important reasons to wear sunscreen every single day!

REASON #1: It helps prevent sunburns

I don’t know about you guys, but when I get a sunburn it is PAINFUL. I actually got one in the beginning of May and it hurt so bad. I couldn’t sleep for a few days because my legs were constantly throbbing. I don’t want to deal with that all summer. It’s really not worth it. Sunburns can also lead to heatstroke and sun poisoning which are NOT fun to deal with! It protects you from so much!

REASON #2: It lowers your risk of skin cancer

Of course there are so many different things that can cause cancer, but why not use something that can help prevent it every day? I’m very paranoid about every little mark on my skin and I make sure to go get it checked about once a year. Skin cancer is scary because if you aren’t paying attention to your skin, you may not notice it.

REASON #3: It prevents aging skin

No one wants wrinkly skin or skin that looks like leather. Constant sun exposure can age your skin significantly. Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and aging.

REASON #4: It keeps your skin tone even

No one wants sun spots or uneven skin tones. Wearing sunscreen prevents sun spots from forming and keeps old ones from getting darker throughout the summer months.

My Favorite sunscreen:

I am obsessed with the PCA brand ever since my esthetician/best friend suggested it for my skin! This sunscreen has been my savior this summer! I’ve never been able to find one that doesn’t break me out but this one is formulated so well! I don’t have to worry about breakouts and I know it’s protecting me from the sun.


As you can see, sunscreen is super important. If there is one product you should be putting on your skin everyday, this is it!



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