March Goals

Happy March 1st friends! Yesterday I went to urgent care because I wasn’t feeling too good and tested positive for the flu *insert crying emoji here* so these next few days are going to consist of me laying in bed and sleeping a lot. But once I’m healthy again I can’t wait to accomplish some […]

February Goals

Happy February everyone! I wont lie to you guys, I totally slacked on my January goals. The only one I kept up with was spending lots of time with my family before I moved. Now that I’m sort of settled in Florida and I’m starting to work, I think life will be easier now that […]

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I’ve been working on blog posts today and realized I haven’t posted a 5 on Friday in a really long time! These are some of my favorite posts to read because you get a little inside look into the mind of the blogger and what’s been going on in their life! I […]