How To Survive Midterms

Midterms are upon us and I know I'm definitely not the only college student who gets super stressed out during this time. After four years of college, I think I've perfected the art of intense test taking. Below are a few of my tips to help you survive the tough weeks ahead! Start studying the

Fall Semester Goals

I have two weeks until my Fall semester starts and I'm counting down the minutes! I absolutely love school and cannot wait to be back and get to the grind! You all know I love making goals so of course I need to make some for the upcoming semester! Stay Organized I'm pretty good at

Dorm Essentials

Move in day is coming up fast and trust me when I say that these last few days before you leave for school will fly by. After four years of college (and a fifth starting soon) I'd say I'm pretty much an expert on all things dorm. Today, I'm sharing 9 Dorm Essentials that you

Spring Break 2016

SPRING BREAK WOOH! Just kidding, I didn't go anywhere fun for Spring Break, unlike all of my friends. However, I did have a productive/interesting week! So I thought I'd share a recap in 1 sentence per picture! Ate some chocolate covered strawberries Went home and hung out with my dogs  Got my hair done, bye