November Goals

I seriously cannot believe that it is November. The holiday’s are upon us and I’ve been dancing around my room to Christmas music for the past few weeks! I’m so excited for this time of year! So let’s talk about my November goals!

  1. Start wearing my Fitbit again and try to get at least 8000 steps a day || I’m usually sitting most of the day doing work, so 8,000 is a little more achievable than 10,000 for me!
  2. Prepare all of my content for Blogmas BEFORE December starts || I always finish half of the month and then never complete Blogmas but this is THE year I will complete it!
  3. Finish most of my Christmas shopping || I’m already done with a few people, so this should be easy to do! I started in July this year hahah
  4. Read 3 Books || I love me some festive books so I’ll be reading a few this month!
  5. Make a packing list for the DCP || I’m already stressed about this, so the sooner I figure it out the better I’ll feel!
  6. Start my Youtube channel || I plan on vlogging my DCP journey, but I also want to try and do Vlogmas (vlog every day leading up to Christmas) so I need to start prepping for it now!
  7. Finish Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving || My step-brother comes home from the Navy after Thanksgiving, so I want to get a family picture right away so I can make our Christmas cards


That’s it for this month! Be sure to share some of your November goals in the comments!