Episode 8: The Hardest Parts of Being an Adult

In today’s episode I sit down and discuss the hardest or worst parts of being an adult. And let me tell ya, there’s a lot! I am a little sick right now so I apologize for all of the sniffling you hear!   instagram: www.instagram.com/kailablogs instagram: www.instagram.com/20somethingcrisispod blog: www.kailamallard.com twitter: www.twitter.com/kailablogs INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC: Track: Waves are beautiful only when […]

Episode 3: Post-Grad Depression & Finishing College in 5 Years

  In today’s episode, Kaila talks about post-grad depression after finishing college. It’s something that is so common but rarely talked about and needs to be normalized. She also talks about her college experience and why it took her five years to finish school. instagram: www.instagram.com/kailablogs instagram: www.instagram.com/20somethingcrisispod blog: www.kailamallard.com twitter: www.twitter.com/kailablogs