A Christmas Tag

Some of my favorite blog posts are surveys where you get to know the writer! I think it gives a nice insight into the mind of the blogger, and helps your readers connect with you on a different level! I found this random Christmas survey while browsing the internet and I thought it would be

Little Things that make happy

The smell of Christmas trees My family How excited my dogs get when I go home Holiday Oreos Hazelnut coffee Cute stickers Finding a new TV show I love Candles Organizing my clothes Watching makeup tutorials Getting retweeted Ed Sheeran When you first walk outside and it's cold out Fuzzy socks Buying new nailpolish When

December Goals | Blogmas 1

Happy December 1st, all! It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr *cue all of the Christmas music* I'm so excited that it's finally my favorite month of the year! Bring on lots of Christmas movies, music, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and gift giving!  Before I tell you all about my personal December goals (not my

Blogmas 2015

Last year I poorly attempted Blogmas, a blogging challenge to post every day up until Christmas. 25 days=25 posts. Seems simple, right? Wrong! I didn't draft ahead of time and after getting my wisdom teeth out I didn't even look at my computer for a week. So needless to say, I failed and this year

Blogmas 2014

After reading this post I've decided to try and complete Blogmas this year! After many failed attempts at VLOGMAS (daily vlogs every day until Christmas) due to no one wanting to be in videos and having nothing interesting going on to actually record, I've decided maybe blogging everyday until Christmas is the way to go. As