Currently {February}

Anticipating// Opening night! I haven’t mentioned that I’m in a musical on here yet, but…. I am! We are less than three weeks away from opening night and I’m so excited! I know I’ll be crying when it ends, so I’m savoring every second! Enjoying// College vloggers on Youtube! I really miss being in college, […]

Currently {December}

Anticipating// Christmas Eve, even though I don’t want it to be here because I don’t want the holiday season to end! Enjoying// The Office!! I’m rewatching it (again) and it truly is one of the best shows ever! I’m on season 8 and I literally can’t stop watching. I have been staying up late every […]

I Confess…

…That every time I become obsessed with a new tv show or movie I go and buy apparel related to it. …I still haven’t watched Disney’s Up because I’m petrified I’ll cry the whole time. …That Sudoku is one of my favorite games to play on my phone. …I HATE suprises, they give me major anxiety. […]

Currently {March}

Anticipating// Brunch on Easter! So.Much.Food! Feeling// Bored. Enjoying// Rewatching old episodes of Dance Moms because it’s my guilty pleasure and I’m obsessed. Making// Sure I remembered everything I had to pack to bring home for the weekend. Planning// On grabbing another coffee before class Reminiscing// On the days of Push Play and Honor Society. Two […]

Currently {October}

Anticipating// Going home for the long weekend! Can’t wait for puppy cuddles and home cooked meals! Feeling// Drained. This has been a busy two weeks for me and it doesn’t end until Friday night. Enjoying// The Fall season! I love it! Making// Decorations for Fall/Halloween! Planning// On finishing a bunch of work today. I’m so behind […]