Autumn Playlist

I love creating playlists for the seasons and my Autumn one is usually my second favorite one (Christmas playlist coming in first!). Here is a list of songs that are currently on my Autumn Playlist that is always being updated on my Spotify! Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran Secrets (Cellar Door) – Radical Face Autopilot […]

Currently {October}

Anticipating// Going home for the long weekend! Can’t wait for puppy cuddles and home cooked meals! Feeling// Drained. This has been a busy two weeks for me and it doesn’t end until Friday night. Enjoying// The Fall season! I love it! Making// Decorations for Fall/Halloween! Planning// On finishing a bunch of work today. I’m so behind […]


Anticipating// Spring break! Although it’s not even close to spring here and I’ll be studying for midterms the whole week, I can’t wait to have a week at home with my family! Feeling// Tired and drained Enjoying// Drinking hazelnut coffee every morning while I sit and read blogs. It’s so relaxing. Drinking// Waterrrrrrrr. And vitamin water! Making// Time for myself […]