Top 10 Favorite Bloggers

Everyone has those favorite bloggers that they always click and read first. I know I do! Although it was really hard to narrow down my top 10 favorite bloggers, I finally narrowed it down and decided to share them with you! They're probably some of your favorites too! But, if you've never heard of them,

Dorm Essentials

Move in day is coming up fast and trust me when I say that these last few days before you leave for school will fly by. After four years of college (and a fifth starting soon) I'd say I'm pretty much an expert on all things dorm. Today, I'm sharing 9 Dorm Essentials that you

Love List {5}

Happy Saturday and start of your 4th of July weekend! It's my favorite weekend of the summer and it just means we're getting closer and closer to Christmas πŸ˜‰  As I write this I'm laying in bed elevating my sprained ankle and sniffling/coughing due to a throat infection. Hopefully, I'll start feeling better ASAP.  Here

Love List {4}

Happy Saturday all! I'm coming at you with another weekly love list post! This is where I share things/items/moments from the week that I've been loving! Make sure to participate and leave some of your weekly faves in the comments below!  1. American Eagle Demin X Hi-Rise Shortie  Every pair of denim shorts I own

Love List 2

1. These gorgeous blue pens I saw these on Pinterest and knew I needed to order them immediately...then I forgot about them. I have to get them though they're so pretty!  2. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen  3. Paninis Any and all paninis are my absolute favorite and I want to eat them for

Autumn Playlist

Every new season I love to sit down and make a Spotify playlist of songs that remind me of that season or new songs that were released! It's a rainy Wednesday here in Boston and I decided it would be fun to share my Autumn Spotify playlist with you all! You can follow my Spotify

Fall Favorites Tag!

Fall is my absolute favorite season! So when I saw this tag floating around I knew I had to do it because Here we go!! Favorite Candle:Β Basically any fall-related candle is my favorite. This year I've been especially fond of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Bath and Body Works. Since we are not allowed to

February 4×4

Linking up with these lovely ladies for a monthly favorites post! Bye February, Hello March! 4 Favorite Blog Posts Happy Birthday Mom! Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health E-Cards that Describe me Perfectly Eva Franco for Loverly! 4 Favorite Instagram Posts My little and I//TPA Bid Night//Snowy Days//Chocolate Heaven Β 4 Favorite Pinterest