July Goals

Happy July! The 7th month of the year? Crazy! We are inching closer and closer to the best time of the year (the Ber holidays!). I'm feeling so motivated right now you guys. These past couple of weeks have been a little weird for me. I have no routine, and that really stresses me out.

Happy Independence Day!

To all of you in the USA-- Happy 4th of July! I'd love to give you all a history lesson but maybe I'll save that for another day 😉 Have a happy and safe fourth and if you're heading to the Esplanade, please tell Nick Jonas I love him! Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

July Goals

1. Only spend money on experiences rather than unnecessary items 2. Read 6 books  3. Start taking vitamins 4. Sit by the pool and get a tan 5. Buy some of my textbooks and start reading them/take notes 6. Finish my Disney video  7. Stick to a post schedule (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat)  What

Instagram Update {July}

Like most bloggers, Instagram is my favorite form of social media! I love posting pictures and seeing what everyone else posts! Here are the pictures I posted on Instagram throughout the month of July!    {July 2, 2015} // When your mom puts your baby picture on wine bottles when you turn 21    {July 8, 2015}

Currently {July}

Anticipating// Moving back to school. Summer sucks and I'm in desperate need of a schedule again  Feeling// Anxious but unsure why Enjoying// Filling out my new planner with actual plans!  Making// Nothing! But this just reminded me that I forgot to take my allergy medicine so water in .1 second! Planning// On seeing Paper Towns

July Goals

I cannot believe it is already July! We are already half-way through 2015. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? How does time go by so quickly?! I don't understand! Today I'm recapping my June goals and sharing July's! I'll admit, June didn't go so well so I'm picking up the slack this month! June's Goals: 1. Read

July Goals

I've been on summer break for two months now and what have I done? Barely anything. I work in my moms daycare and that's about it. I decided to make some goals this July to motivate me (I like to check things off of lists). 1. Work out 5x a week I have a gym