5 on Friday

One. Toby | Monday was my little babe's second birthday and I cannot believe he is already two years old! I love him so so much and I am so grateful to be his mom. Love you always, Toby Creed! Two. Celtics Games | On Wednesday my brother and I got Celtics tickets for $30

Fall Semester Goals

I have two weeks until my Fall semester starts and I'm counting down the minutes! I absolutely love school and cannot wait to be back and get to the grind! You all know I love making goals so of course I need to make some for the upcoming semester! Stay Organized I'm pretty good at

A Guide to Surviving Midterms

Although it's only October, midterm season is upon us college students and most of us have no idea how to survive the next few weeks. Between the multiple breakdowns, 20 gallons of coffee, phone calls to mom letting her know you're dropping out (for the 50th time), and the sleepless night, there are ways to