Instagram Update {July}

Like most bloggers, Instagram is my favorite form of social media! I love posting pictures and seeing what everyone else posts! Here are the pictures I posted on Instagram throughout the month of July!    {July 2, 2015} // When your mom puts your baby picture on wine bottles when you turn 21    {July 8, 2015}

Instagram Update {June}

Here are all of the pictures I posted in June on Instagram! I hope to do these updates every month!   {June 4, 2015} // Birthday gift from my best friend!   {June 7, 2015} // I have so many blue nail polishes but I need more    {June 9, 2015} // My first drink! 21st birthday πŸ™‚


Well it's been a while, hasn't it? I apologize but I think my brain needed some time to recover from finals before I could brain storm any ideas. So I guess I'll give you guys a recap post because I love to read them so I assume everyone else does too. I may be wrong