Hello everyone! It’s Monday night and I’m already laying in bed! Usually I’d be up doing homework and hanging out with my friends butttttt I’m on spring break!!

Although I’m not laying on the beach in a nice, warm, far away place I am happy to be home! It’s been nice having home cooked meals and seeing my puppy every day! This week is just my time to relax and recover from midterms (they took a toll on me, let me tell you).

I have a few goals for this week and I wanted to share them with you so I can hold myself accountable!

1. Go to the gym every weekday!
2. Read 3 books
3. Film 4 videos
4. Go through the clothes I have at home and spring clean!
5. Get a pedicure

I’ll let you know how I’m holding up but I’ve already gone to the gym today and finished one book so hopefully I’ll complete everything on this list!

I hope those of you on spring break are enjoying it! Whether you are in New England where it snowed this morning and became warmer in the afternoon or you’re on a tropical island swimming with dolphins I hope you have a blast!

Xo, Kaila

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