So I’ve basically haven’t done anything this whole break. I feel so disgusted with myself but I guess my body just really wanted to relax all week? I woke up at 10:30 today and fell back asleep from 2:00 to 3:30. The first time I got out of bed was 3:45 and sat on the couch until just now. It’s 4:45 and I’m back in my bed writing this post.

If this is a preview of how my summer is going to be, I don’t want it! I can’t just sit around doing nothing. I need to do something! Hopefully I get an internship, I’ve been applying, and will be doing that every day in the summer! I hate being bored and I love being busy but I never am. I need to get off of my butt and do something!

I guess now I’ll just sit in bed and catch up on Long Island Medium. I cry every time I watch it and I missed the season premiere this Sunday. I want a reading with Theresa so bad!

Are there days where you just don’t ever do anything?
Have you ever had a reading with a medium? How was it?!

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