10 Things to do in Boston this Spring

Boston is my hometown and I’m so blessed to be able to live here and attend College in such a wonderful city. Here are 10 things to do in Boston this Spring. You can bet I’ll be doing all of these as soon as the weather warms up. (It’s already spring and it snowed here yesterday, go figure). This blog post is dedicated to the two firefighters who passed away yesterday while fighting a 9-alarm fire in Back Bay. May you both rest in peace. And may your beautiful families find comfort during this horrible time. The brave first responders make this city #BostonStrong

1. Go to a Red Sox Game
I love Fenway Park more than anything! It is one of my all time favorite places. The joy I get while watching our boys play is overwhelming. Fenway Park unites our city and who wouldn’t want to see the Red Soxs play after winning last years World Series?!

2. Shop on Newbury St.
Newbury St. has it all! Food, stores, and even a little bit of history. With a four-floor Forever 21, Pinkberry, Nike Store, Marshalls, Boutiques and more, it will keep the shopaholic in you VERY happy!

3. Walk the Freedom Trail
A History-lover’s dream! The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile-long path that leads to 16 different historical sites throughout Boston. From the Boston Common’s to the USS Constitution in Charlestown you’ll get a great look at the history surrounding this city. It is super interesting and even a nice way to get a little exercise! You can walk it on your own but I suggest getting a tour guide! They dress up as men and women from that time period and it’s very entertaining!

4. Faneuil Hall
Restaurants, stores, and Quincy Market, oh my! Faneuil Hall has both food and shopping, and sometimes even live entertainment! It’s a great place to go when you are bored. My personal favorite store? Christmas in Boston. It’s all christmas all of the time!

5. Eat in the North End
As an Italian, the North End feels like home to me! Little Italy is so Italian. The food is authentic and so delicious. If you can’t afford a nice vacation to Italy, head to the North End. It’s almost the same thing!

6. Read in the Public Garden
One of my favorite things to do during the fall was head to the Public Garden and take in the beautiful scenery while reading a book. You can bet that I’ll be doing it again once spring rolls around.

7. Walk through Harvard Yard
How many of you wish you could have even applied to Harvard? If I did, I would have framed my rejection letter. Instead, I can just walk through Harvard Yard and pretend I’m a student there, right? I felt smarter while I was there. And I thought it was pretty cool to see students hanging out there too!

8. Cheers Bar
For all of you “Cheers” tv show fans go and eat here! Located on Beacon St, it is where exterior shots of the bar in the show were shot! They even have souvenirs you can buy while eating there! Although I’ve never eaten there, my friends have and they said it was absolutely delicious.

9. Go for a walk/jog on the Charles River Esplanade
It’s so beautiful and relaxing, enough said.

10. Go on a Duck Boat Tour
Not only does this tour show you many of Boston’s greatest attractions on land, towards the end of the ride you splash down into the Charles River. The breathtaking views of the city will warm your heart!

Have you ever done any of these? Which is your favorite? Do you plan on doing any this spring?

Xo, Kaila


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