Fun Facts Friday (4-18-14)

These are some random things from this past week! Kind of a weekly recap!

1. I’m addicted to How I Met Your Mother. I started the first season a few months ago but only got through a few episodes because school was so
busy. However, as soon as the series finale premiered I read about it on twitter and knew I needed to watch! I loveeee it so much. I don’t want it to end!

2. On Sunday my Sorority had our annual founders day brunch! My family came down and it was so nice seeing them. I also won the Outstanding New Member award 🙂


3. Speaking of my sorority, I was pied on Tuesday for a fundraiser. All I could smell was dairy for the rest of the day. It was disgusting!


4. I get to home for the weekend and see my dog tonight! I’m so excited!

5. This upcoming week is my last week of my sophomore year in college. Time is flying way too fast and it needs to slow down a bit, okay?

6. My nails are painted Turquoise and Caicos by Essie right now. It used to be my favorite but then I got For Audrey by China Glaze and forgot about it. Now I know why. It’s not very bright and it’s too streaky.

7. It’s been 45 days since lent started and I haven’t had French fries, cookies, chips, or soda during these 45 days. French fries are my weakness and I can’t wait to have them

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