The Best Weekend

This past weekend was so wonderful to me. I got to spend it with the best friends a girl could ask for and now all I want is to go back!

On Friday I picked up my friend Rachel at the train station! We headed over to an indoor trampoline park with a few of our friends and jumped for an hour. It was SO fun!

IMG_8157 IMG_8162 IMG_8167 IMG_8168




She slept over and then on Saturday morning my roommate Brenna came down and  we headed up to Foxboro for FAD (Foxboro Against Diabetes 5k)! All of my college friends were running for our friend Ryan! It was so fun and really awesome experience! Plus, we did it for a good cause which made it 100x better! We made shirts and called ourselves Ryan’s Chica’s (he always called us his chica’s). We are all so funny/adorable 😉


IMG_8190 IMG_8189 IMG_8177 IMG_8175 IMG_8193

After, Ryan’s family was so kind to let us all go over and they cooked for us and we just had so much fun. Being with my college friends really brings out the best in me! I had been looking forward to this weekend ever since we moved out of school back in April and now that it is over I’m so upset. I can’t wait to see them all again!


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