Summer Makeup Essentials!

Summer 2014 makeup
Although I love wearing makeup, in the summer I can’t bare to put a lot on. It’s way too hot to be wearing layers of foundation, powder, and the works. These are the products I use on a daily basis if I just want simple, light makeup!
1. Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream: This BB cream actually lasts a really long time. I was told to try this out and this will forever be my go-to drugstore BB cream. It feels like there is nothing on your skin! Plus, it has SPF 15. According to the Covergirl website it promises to do 10 things…
1. Natural-Looking Radiance
2. Sheer Color
3. All-Day Hydration
4. Improves Skin Elasticity
5. Broad Spectrum SPF 15
6. Blends Effortlessly
7. Lightweight
8. Helps Skin Feel Smooth
9. Covers to Help Instantly Improve Skin’s Appearance
10. Won’t Clog Pores
I honestly believe it does everything on this list! I love it for summer!
2. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: This concealer gives great coverage for my under eyes! Although I don’t think it is as amazing as everyone else, I do really like it and may even repurchase it until I find a better concealer that covers both dark circles and other imperfections on my face!
3. Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder: (I realized I made this with the dream matte powder instead, whoops). I love this powder! I doesn’t ever feel cakey and is so buildable. It gives nice coverage and is perfect for combination skin.
4. EOS Lip Balm: I use this all of the time. I just love it! It moisturizes my lips and makes them super soft. The sweet mint flavor is my favorite!
5. Naked Basics Palette: The perfect every day palette! It has mostly matte shades and one shimmer. I love using this when I don’t want too much on my eyes, but just a little something to conceal my eyelids!
6. Maybelline The Rocket Mascara: I really like this mascara for being drugstore. I think it gives my lashes a lot of volume. However, it does take a little while to dry.
7. Urban Decay Super curl Curling Mascara: This mascara is very underrated! I never hear anyone talk about it! It is the perfect layering mascara! Whenever I wear any makeup I have to wear more than one mascara. I need my lashes to look good. And these two mascaras do the job pretty well!
What are your summer makeup essentials?
If you could only use one makeup product, what would it be?

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