July Goals

I’ve been on summer break for two months now and what have I done? Barely anything. I work in my moms daycare and that’s about it. I decided to make some goals this July to motivate me (I like to check things off of lists).

1. Work out 5x a week
I have a gym membership that I haven’t been using recently. In all honesty, I’m just tired all of the time. After working 8:45-5:00 with 10 screaming daycare kids every single day, I don’t want to go to the gym, I want to eat dinner, shower, and go to bed. So I need to start working out again! Even if I’m tired!

2. Lay by the pool and read once a week
Obviously, I would like to do this more, but if I can do it once a week, I’ll be happy.

3. Finish four books
Finish one every week? Challenge accepted (Barney Stinson voice)!

4. Take vitamins daily
This is something I need to start doing! Which vitamins would you suggest? I’ve tried one-a-day and threw up 5 minutes after taking it so I don’t think I want to go back to it!

5. Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy any new clothes
Hello, my name is Kaila and I recently decided I wanted to go to law school. I need to SAVE MY MONEY. NO MORE SPENDING ON CLOTHES.

6. Floss every night
After my most recent dentist visit I was listening to them talk about gingivitis and I’m petrified I may get it so I will floss more often now. No way am I trying to deal with that.

7. Do a DIY project
I’m not sure which one yet, but I’ll pick one off of my pinterest board! Which, by the way, you should follow me on pinterest! Click here 🙂

8. Post 21 blog posts out of the 31 days
Need more content on this lovely blog of mine! So 21 posts it is!

These are my July goals! What are your goals for the month? xo

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