Another life updated because I suck at consistency

Well hello friends, it’s been about 14ish days since I’ve posted and I’m back with another life updated because why not.

Let’s see, where to start?

1. I finished Greek last night and now I feel empty inside.

2. I bought two LSAT prep books because apparently it’s never too early to start. When I asked my mom to bring me to Barnes and Noble (I would have gone myself but her car is still in the shop and no one else is allowed to drive my stepdads car) she told me to wait because I didn’t need to start prepping now. I then wrote a nice little Facebook status about her comment and then added that I would be dropping out of college to become a ghost hunter and she agreed to bring me. (Seriously though, every time I mention dropping out to become a ghost hunter she gets really nervous and then agrees to whatever I say)

3. My wisdom teeth consultation was cancelled and I can’t say I’m sad. I’m just really petrified to have anesthesia.

4. My cousin Julia’s graduation party happened and it was so fun! We danced and hung out on the boat and obviously we talked about cabbage #cabbageislovecabbageislife





5. On Saturday I was reunited with most of my favorite people (we missed you, Rachel!!) and it made me sooooo excited to return to school!




6. I start my advocare 24 day challenge on Friday and I’m super nervous yet really excited. More on this later! Special shout out to YouTuber Marissa Lace for being an awesome and inspiring coach to me!!

7. It’s like almost 3 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Good thing I have the day off from the daycare tomorrow 🙂

hope you all have a productive and happy Tuesday! Also, Dance Moms comes back tonight so you know where I’ll be at 9:00. Sitting on my butt watching LifeTime!

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  1. mariacarmela says: Reply

    u are truly an amazing young lady .. so proud of allllll ur accomplisments . reach for the stars baby girl love u xo FOREVER

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