Fun Facts Friday {8-29-14}

Happy Friday everyone!!

1. I move back to school tomorrow and I’m really excited!!

2. All I can hear when I’m in my room is a cricket. I’m not sure why but for the past few days, day and night, it’s all I hear. It makes me nervous that it might be in my room??

3. I pretty much need a hazelnut iced coffee and bagel from dunkin donuts right this second.

4. My mom and I watched Blended last night and it was actually really funny and cute!

5. The thought of unpacking is making me very anxious. I just want my room to be set up and unpacked completely.

6. I made this cute canvas inspired by Kate Spade and I love it!


7. My mom and Nonna took me to a Japanese restaurant for dinner last night and it was so delicious.


Hope everyone had a great week and enjoy the long weekend!

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