Daily Thoughts of a College Student

1. I’m so tired, I’ll just hit snooze once and then get up.

2. Okay, snooze ONE MORE TIME. Then I’ll actually get up.

3. Why am I a girl? Why do I feel the need to get ready in the morning? Why can’t I roll out of bed and go to class in my pajamas?

4. Shit, I forgot to do the readings for today’s class.

5. What does this professor even mean? What are they saying?


7. Is it acceptable to bring a blanket and pillow to class??

8. It’s 8:30 in the morning, why are there girls wearing heels??

9. I’m so tired. This sucks.

10. Okay I’ll just watch one episode of a show on Netflix and then I’ll start my homework.

11. Cliff hanger?? One more episode and then it’s time to do homework.

12. Whoops, I just watched 8 episodes.

13. It’s four pm, how will I make it??

14. Okay, just a 10 minute power nap…

15. Well that three hour nap did wonders!!

16. Where are my friends? I’ll just go say hi and then start my homework.

17. It’s ten pm? Where did the day go?

18. I guess I’ll go to bed now because I want to be fully rested for tomorrow!

19. It’s 3 am and I’ve been on twitter for the past 5 hours because I can’t sleep due to my three hour nap.

20. This sucks.

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