Thursday Thoughts #1

Lists are my favorite posts to create because they are to the point and easy for my readers to skim. Sometimes my brain is just filled with random thoughts and to be able to focus I need to get them down. Here are the random thoughts floating around my head right now!

  • Instead of writing my paper, I’ve spent the past 40 minutes looking at Wedding pins.
  • My most played song on my iTunes is Breathless by The Corrs and it was played 1250 times. I want to listen to it right now
  • The coffee I had this morning did nothing for my low energy levels
  • I can’t get over this weeks episode of Once Upon a Time. #Hookinhumanclothesmakesmehappy
  • I can’t wait to be done with classes for the day so I can put some fuzzy socks on and take a nap
  • Speaking of naps, I haven’t napped since last Friday. This is a huge accomplishment for me.
  • Midterms are kicking my butt and I am losing all sanity I thought I had
  • I miss my dog
  • I need to paint my nails
  • I need to stop writing this post now and go back to writing my paper

Random Pictures from this week:


IMG_9599 IMG_9592 IMG_9591


We all know how much I love Scott Michael Foster and Jake McDorman and they both sent me selfies…because I asked. That’s insane and I’m crying just thinking about it. I’m basically Casey Cartwright.


IMG_9579 IMG_9580

Pumpkin cupcakes and hot chocolate make for a perfect autumn day


My brother was confirmed on Sunday and I was his sponsor. We matched (I may or may not bought this dress after buying a different one just to match him…..)


I became a grandbig on Sunday and we are the perfect lineage!!!!



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