Blogmas 2014

After readingĀ this post I’ve decided to try and complete Blogmas this year! After many failed attempts at VLOGMAS (daily vlogs every day until Christmas) due to no one wanting to be in videos and having nothing interesting going on to actually record, I’ve decided maybe blogging everyday until Christmas is the way to go. As a busy college student, some posts will be written in advanced, especially during finals week.

To participate, all you have to do is blog everyday until Christmas! You can even just post a picture, a random quote, or something to do with Christmas. You can literally post anything! You just have to post! Go ahead and check out Amy V. Norris to link up for this awesome challenge!

Things I’m looking forward to this December:

  • Finishing my finals and going home for break
  • Getting my wisdom teeth out (it seems crazy but the pain is unbearable
  • All this CHRISTMAS
  • Watching the 25 Days of Christmas
  • Opening my Benefit advent calendar every day!
  • Spending tons of time with my loved ones!

See you all on Monday!

xo, Kaila

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