Fun Facts Friday {12-5-14}

So my blogmas post from yesterday didn’t go up 🙁 I’m not sure why, but that’s the only day I plan to miss! Here are some highlights from the past week!

1. I finished my last class of my first semester of junior year on Thursday! Finals start Monday so you know I’m going to be crying this whole weekend due to stress.

2. My friends and I were super cute and took pictures in front of Christmas lights!




3. This whole week I’ve been thinking about how in just four years (if all goes well) I’ll be preparing to take the bar exam and hopefully practicing law. That’s so soon!

4. I finished The Office this week and the finale was really sad but so good. One of my all-time favorite shows!


5. I leave for Christmas break in less than a week and I cannot wait to be home!

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