TRLT This Week

Happy Friday all! This weekend concludes my 5-week winter break, which I’ll be the first to say was way too long! I was ready to go back to school right after the New Year!

Here is a recap of my week!

I tried these makeup remover wipes by Burtsbee and was so unimpressed. They were the worst I’ve ever tried. Nothing compares to my Simple wipes! Simply the best! (Ha ha)


I got my eyes dialated at the eye doctor and then my family went out to dinner and I was blind so it was a fun experience. My eye doctor suggested a new brand of contact solution to use and I’m excited to try it out! Because it only needs four hours in the solution instead of six my eye won’t sting anymore! Have you heard of Peroxiclear and do you like it?

We also went to lunch at my absolute favorite restaurant. It’s called Bobby C’s and they have the best chicken, fusilli, and broccoli in the world! I also had red velvet cake for dessert which I’m usually not that into but lemme tell you this was amazing



Because I am a nerd, I purchased all of my textbooks and school supplies so I could start reading before school starts.

And on Thursday we tabled at transfer student orientation! I’m obsessed with our trifold that our lovely recruitment chair Jenn made! She’s really doing a great job and I’m so excited for her! Then my fabulous little and I went to lunch and I tried sushi for the first time! Guess what? I liked it! And I love spending time with Jenny! She’s the tall blonde in the picture and she calls me biggie smalls and she’s one of my best friends and I adore her!




That’s it for this week! Now it’s almost five and I think a short little nap is in order! Have a fabulous night!

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