Shows you Need to Binge Watch on Netflix

It’s no surprise that I, an extremely busy college student, wastes away my days binge watching show after show on Netflix. It’s also no surprise that I get a little bit obsessive with each show I watch and don’t stop talking about it until I’ve moved on to another show. Today I’m going to share my favorites! As soon as you’re done reading you must go and start one! (And if you want to discuss any in great detail in the comments I wouldn’t be opposed)

The Office// One of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. There was not a single episode where I didn’t laugh out loud multiple times! 9 seasons of pure hysterics.

FRIENDS// As of January 1st Netflix so graciously put on one of the best shows of all time. FRIENDS is the perfect show to watch, well… All of the time.

Gossip Girl// A show full of drama and fashion and rich, snobby teens who everyone wishes they could be. If you don’t wish you were Blair Waldorf every day, you’re lying.

How I Met Your Mother// Don’t get me started on this show. Not only did I get so emotionally involved with this show that I locked myself away for two weeks to watch it, I cried almost every episode. It’s supposed to be a comedy but for some reason I was always crying. Maybe it’s because I knew the ending (and trust me, the series finale sucks… That’s a whole different blog post) BUT up until then, it’s an amazing show!

Once Upon a Time// Go and watch the first three seasons right now! I’m obsessed with this show and how they incorporate so many great fairy tales! Then make sure to catch up on the first half of season four (the Frozen arch) before the 2nd half starts in March!

Greek// Greek was recently taken off of Netflix but deserves an honorable mention because it was such a good show. It will make college seem so crazy and like Cappie, you probably won’t want to ever graduate! I really enjoyed it because I’m in the Greek system and its just a fun show!

Parks and Recreation// Season 7, the final season, just started last week and I’m incredibly sad that such a great show is ending. It’s so funny and you should totally immerse yourself in all things Pawnee, Indiana!

As you can see, I really love to binge watch comedies! What should I watch next and what is your favorite show to binge watch?!

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  1. Hart of Dixie is a good one. There are 3 seasons on Netflix and 22 episodes in each, so it is perfect for binging!

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