Anticipating// Spring break! Although it’s not even close to spring here and I’ll be studying for midterms the whole week, I can’t wait to have a week at home with my family!
Feeling// Tired and drained
Enjoying// Drinking hazelnut coffee every morning while I sit and read blogs. It’s so relaxing.
Drinking// Waterrrrrrrr. And vitamin water!
Making// Time for myself during the school year is so hard. All I want is to sit and read a pleasurable book but I always have a voice in the back of my mind nagging me to do homework and study instead.
Planning// My 21st birthday! My mom and I were sending pictures back and forth last night! I’m getting excited 🙂

Reminiscing// About Parks and Rec. I miss it already. Why do good things have to end?

Buying// Nothing. However, I want to buy everything but I am broke.

Watching// Nothing at the moment. I need to watch AHS Freakshow now that I’ve finished Coven but its not on Netflix yet. Give me show suggestions!!
Loving// Podcasts! Specifically Serial. I’ve been listening to it in bed and while working out and I’m almost done. It’s SO good!
Hoping// To lose some weight. It’s hard here because the food in the dining hall is so bad and there is never any healthy options.
Hating// How tired I always am.
Working on// Staying on track with everything.
Wishing// My skin would clear up. Recently it’s been so bad and I can’t figure out what is triggering all of my breakouts. They’re painful and ugly and I want my clear skin back.
Wanting// A whole new wardrobe. I’ve recently decided I hate every article of clothing I own and it’s so hard for me to get dressed every day because I think everything in my closet is ugly.
Needing// A nap, but I’ve only been awake for an hour. The struggle is indeed real.
Doing// This blog post.
Obsessing// Over Ed Sheeran’s cover of Dirrty. IT IS AMAZING. SO GOOD. FANTASTIC. I love him. Okay, maybe I’m just obsessing over Ed Sheeran in general.
Accessorizing// With layering necklaces. I need a few more to add. I love the look!
What are you currently obsessing over?


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