Questions To Ask Your Mom!

It’s no secret to anyone that my mom is my best friend in the whole universe! So, when I saw this post circulating through Blogland I thought it would be really fun to answer these questions with my mom!

Favorite Color?//
Mom: Pink
Me: Blue

Favorite Movie?//
Mom: Dirty Dancing
Me: The Proposal, Hairspray, Fever Pitch and Harry Potter

Favorite Book?//
Mom: A Days of our Lives picture book (note from Kaila** she never finished it!)
Me: Hopeless, Harry Potter series, Dark Places

Favorite Food?//
Mom: Lobster
Me: Broccoli

One Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without?//
Mom: Moisturizer
Me: Chapstick

Sweet or Salty?//
Mom: Sweet
Me: Salty

Beach or Mountains?//
Mom: Beach
Me: Beach

Outside of Family Members, Who Inspires you Most?//
Mom: Alison Sweeney
Me: Anyone who works hard to achieve their goals

How would your Childhood Friends Describe you?//
Mom: Big mouth
Me: (mom answered for me because I said annoying and she disagreed) Sweet

What is Better about the World today than when you were growing up?//
Mom: Internet
Me: Internet, also more opportunities for people.

If you could go back to any point in history, where would you go and why?//
Mom: I would go back to high school, do good, and then go to college
Me: The signing of the Declaration of Independence because I love history and that time period really interests me.

Even if you don’t have a blog, ask your mom these questions! You’re sure to spark a nice conversation to get to know each other better!

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