A Day in the Life (3/22/15)

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would share a day in the life post because they are my absolute favorite blog posts to read! This all happened yesterday (Sunday) March 22, 2015!

10:25am-Woke up and stayed in bed for a good 20 minutes before I decided to get up.

11:00am-Went to see if my friends wanted to get breakfast and then went to the dining hall. I ate an everything bagel and grabbed a vitamin water. Probably not the healthiest breakfast but I love carbs way too much and the dining hall has very limited (disgusting) options. I sat and ate breakfast while catching up on blog posts! I just found this blog on Pinterest and I really like her posts! She motivated me to go work out.

11:45am- Went down to the gym and did an elliptical workout for 30 minutes. My gym OOTD consists of a zip up sweatshirt from Pink, yoga capris from Pink, Champion sports bra from Target, a random white tank top from H&M and my Nike free runs!

12:15pm- Went back up to my room to do this 5 minute ab workout from Blogilaties and then a random yoga video I found on YouTube.

1:00pm- Went in the shower and threw on some comfy clothes.

1:30pm- Washed all of my mugs and dishes, vacuumed the floor and cleaned my room a bit.

2:00pm- Ate a handful of raw unsalted almonds. One of my favorite snacks!

2:12pm- Painted my nails. I own tons of nail polish but my go-to color is Sand Tropez by Essie. I always use this color when I can’t decide on another color. Today was one of those days. I watched a few YouTube videos while doing this and while I waited for them to dry.

2:51pm- Lunch time! I had turkey, swiss cheese, yellow mustard, tomatoes, and lettuce on wheat bread with a side of broccoli (My all time favorite food that they rarely have in the dining hall) and those really yummy olives that I don’t even know the name of but could eat all day.  I watched an episode of the Vampire Diaries while eating. I’m catching up on last season finally!


3:59pm- Writing the first half of this post after I straightened my hair.

4:08pm- Start reading for class tomorrow. I worked on Real Estate Law notes and the chapter assigned! While breaking a few times to watch some YouTube videos.

5:30pm- Got ready for Chapter.

6:00pm- Weekly sorority Chapter meeting! I ended up staying for the New Member class as well.

8:12pm- Dinner really late and it was disgusting as usual.

8:45pm- Got ready for bed, did some more homework.

10:00pm- Laying in bed, reading this new book my friend Brenna suggested I read! So far I’m really liking it!


12:00am-Lights out!

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