TRLT This Week

Happy Sunday! I’ve decided to move my TRLT This Week posts to Sunday’s because then I can include my weekends as well! So, let’s get started!

1. I haven’t napped in over 2 weeks and it’s been weird/kind of nice. I used to rely on naps to get me through the day but for some reason I haven’t felt the need! Of course, I still love them, but it’s nice not to feel the need to sleep all day! 

2. I went to lunch on Tuesday with my lineage and we are so perfect. 


3. I got a letter in the mail calling me to jury duty… On June 9th… AKA my 21st birthday. I know you can change it but it’s just my luck that this would happen to me! 

4. On Tuesday night my mom threw a little PLL viewing party for my friends and I. Btw, I hated the episode (per usual). So many questions, so little information. 



5. A new favorite of mine


6. This weekend we went on our Sisterhood Retreat. I’m still so exhausted but it was a fun time with my sisters!



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