Currently… (April)

Anticipating// Summer Break. I’m soooo done with this semester and cannot wait to be outta here!
Feeling// Sick. My allergies are making me miserable.
Enjoying// A new Netflix Documentary Series called The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents! Guys, if you like American History/documentaries/learning/random facts then I totally recommend it! I’m learning so much more than I thought I knew!
Drinking// I just finished my water bottle. So nothing right now.
Making// Nothing at the moment!
Planning// On becoming a Youtuber this summer. I’m so obsessed with beauty gurus and I like to do makeup so I might as well share it with the people of the internet. But like, should I do it? Let me know!

Reminiscing// About this time last year! I felt so differently at this time last year and didn’t want to leave school at all. This year is a different story.

Buying// I probably shouldn’t buy anything but I might need to buy a new dress.

Watching// Right now I’m being weird and watching RemLife‘s Vlogmas videos because I love her vlogs and I love vlogmas! I want it to be Christmas again!
Loving// Going through the Home Decor pinterest page. I’m getting some great ideas for the apartment!!
Hoping// That my sore throat/blocked ears disappear soon. I hate my allergies and I’m considering doing the monthly shots because my medicine doesn’t work too well.
Hating// Schoolwork! One.more.assignment.
Working on// This blog post and a few other ones!
Wishing// That this weekend wasn’t so busy! It’s a sorority filled weekend and although I love it it’s just soooo much to do. I’m busy all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Wanting// Another cup of coffee, but…… I need to sleep tonight.
Needing// To get up and take some ibuprofen for this sore throat. 
Doing// I’m writing this post and then working on a few more!
Obsessing// Over the Red Sox this season! They are doing so well and I love them.
Accessorizing// With just earrings and a ring or two. I’m keeping it simple lately.
What are you currently obsessing over?!XO

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